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Are you in the Greater Los Angeles Area?
Learn Bruce Lee's martial art live and in person with a certified Jeet Kune Do Instructor in Los Angeles, Covina, and Pasadena.


Start your Bruce Lee lineage martial arts training on your own terms from anywhere in the world.
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Online Jeet Kune Do Training Now Available

Jeet Kune Do Backyard Group

Jeet Kune Do training, for those who are interested in what Bruce Lee was actually teaching as opposed to other martial arts with vague JKD “concepts” being applied, is simply not easy to find.

Now it is, as Jeet Kune Do University opens its doors as the first online based JKD organization designed to offer a training experience that most closely simulates the progression of an actual training group and an experienced instructor.

This has been a project more than two years in the making that began with a passion for martial arts and a desire to make available a powerful tool for self development that was once almost exclusively available to private closed door training groups.  The founder himself closed down his commercial schools in favor of private and backyard style training.

Tao of Jeet Kune Do

The Way of the Intercepting Fist

Bruce Lee called his Martial Art, Jeet Kune Do and he was teaching a system with concrete techniques and strategies, yet he also lay the foundation of his methodology under the directive of “Using no Way as Way” and publicly stated that he did not believe in style.

Is it possible to learn the style of no style?

There is an abundance of confusion about Bruce Lee’s fighting method, the source of which derives from two fundamental and opposing ideas:

1. JKD is the established compendium of knowledge that Bruce Lee originally taught and, therefore, is static and cannot change.
2. JKD is an evolving, living martial art engineered to adapt uniquely towards what works best for the individual.

Both statements are true and mutually exclusive, hence the never-ending

Ted Wong Talks About Bruce Lee JKD

Ted Wong, is one of two living people who received Jeet Kune Do certification directly from the founder, and was Bruce Lee’s last private student.

Sifu Wong rarely makes appearances, except for the occasional martial arts workshop and the rare Bruce Lee Educational Foundation event.

Lately it seems, he has been focused on working to restore the authentic Bruce Lee fighting methodology. Here is a recent documentary.

Dan Inosanto and the Jeet Kune Do Concepts Clan

Dan Inosanto holds the highest of the two Jeet Kune Do certifications that were ever awarded by Bruce Lee. Why then, does it appear that most of Sifu Inosanto’s certified instructors do not teach Jeet Kune Do as Bruce Lee taught it . . . the “original” stuff?  Yet, they still call their material Jeet…

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